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5 Card Poker Hand - "A hand in poker is won by the best five card poker hand at showdown unless all other players fold".

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5 Card Poker Hand (Poker)

In most poker variants, a five card poker hand is the maximum number of cards that can be used to make a winning hand. In a game of Texas Hold'em, players can use the 5 community cards (see community card games) with their two hole cards to make the best 5 card combination. Whilst the objective is always to make the strongest hand possible, it isn't always required. In poker where all other players fold, the player left standing wins by default, regardless of the hand that they hold.

In Omaha, the rules are a little different in that players must use two of the four hole cards dealt in combination with three from the board to make the best possible 5 card combination. The end result is much the same in as much as the same ranking of hands applies and they must make a 5 card hand.

As is the case with most games in poker, your hand will be made progressively, meaning you need to judge the strength of your hand as you go. This is important as it often costs you money to see more cards so you want to be sure you're paying for the privilege where you have a hand that has real potential (there are enough outs to justify the play).

For more, check our our Texas Hold'em rules, see what other guides on poker we have or if you want to get into the action, check out the best poker sites of the month.

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