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Rank Poker Room Bonus Code Value

888POker 888Poker TOP15 $3,920

Bet365 Poker bet365poker With Link $1,005

Titan Poker Titan Poker FREEBCASH £1,200

Sky Poker Sky Poker With Link £510

Party Poker Party Poker With Link $5,500

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Using a Dealer Button in Poker

A dealer button is used in poker to indicate the order of play. To ensure that there is incentive in every hand played; players must post the automatic bets known as the big and small blind. These bets ensure that there is money in the ‘pot’ and serves to prevent players sitting out until they get dealt monster hole cards.

The dealer button which players are on the big and small blind, typically the 2 players to the left of the dealer button. With each new hand dealt, the dealer button would move clockwise round the table so that in one full round, all players would have posted I big blind and then one small blind.

Bonus Codes Bonus CodesHistory of the Dealer Button Bonus Codes

When poker became a popular saloon game in the United States in the middle of the nineteenth century, the integrity of the players was unreliable and the honor codes that had regulated gambling for centuries became inadequate. Because the dealer has the greatest opportunity to cheat (by manipulating the specific cards that players receive, or by inspecting the dealt cards), the players would take turns in this role. To avoid arguments about whose turn it was to deal, the person who was next due to deal would be given a marker. A knife was a common object used as such a marker, and the marker became generally known as a buck as an abbreviated reference to the buck's horn that formed the handle of many knives at that time.

When the dealer had finished dealing the cards he "passes the buck". According to Martin, the earliest use of the phrase in print is in the July 1865 edition of Weekly New Mexican: "They draw at the commissary, and at poker after they have passed the buck.". The phrase then appears frequently in many sources so it probably originated at about this time. Fred M. Canfil, United States Marshal for the Western District of Missouri and a friend of US president Harry S. Truman, saw a sign when visiting the Federal Reformatory at El Reno, Oklahoma in 1945. He thought it would appeal to the plain-speaking Truman and arranged for a copy of it to be made and sent to him. Truman's use of the slogan "the buck stops here" in speeches, and on a sign on his desk, derives from the adoption of the phrase "passing the buck" as a metaphor for avoiding responsibility.

The use of other small disks as such markers led to the alternative term "button". Silver dollars were later used as markers and it has been suggested that this is the origin of "buck" as a slang term for "dollar," though by no means is there universal agreement on this subject. The marker is also referred to as "the hat". The origin of this term is believed to stem from the wearing of a hat having been used to denote dealership.

Bonus Codes Bonus CodesGetting Started Bonus Codes

If you feel you are good to go, select one of our advertised sites using any of our site links. When you visit the site, you will have to download their software (install it on your drives) and create a player account. You DO NOT have to deposit into your account at any stage (if you just want to have a look before deciding), although a number of our generous offers are based on real money play, so to be given the bonus you will need to make a real money deposit - this is entirely up to you whether to do this or not. One your account is created you are pretty much ready to go. All our rooms are listed with bonus offers. Again, you are free to have a look around and use the practice tables if you do not feel you are ready to play for real money.

For more, check our our Texas Hold'em rules, see what other guides on poker we have or if you want to get into the action, check out the best poker sites of the month.

Titan Poker Coupon Code

Titan Poker is one of our top choice rooms and is on the IPoker Network. New player package worth $20,000 + get £20 FREE - No deposit required! Players must sign up sing bonus code "FREEBCASH" to claim this limited time offer.

Bonus Value: $20,020!

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888Poker Coupon Code

Play 888Poker

888Poker is on the up and we have a fantastic bonus package for you. Get a $400 match deposit bonus, £12 FREE (no deposit needed) and get access to a daily £6,000 Freeroll - limited time offer!

Bonus Value: $450
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bet365poker Coupon Code

Get a free $5 when you play at bet365 poker

bet365 poker is one of the leading iPoker network rooms. Get a $1,000 welcome bonus and new players can claim $5 FREE. This bonus does not required a deposit to claim!

Bonus Value: $1,005
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Sky Poker Coupon Code

£10 Completely FREE - No Deposit Required

Sky Poker is one of the best places to play if you want to play televised poker! There are televised tournaments on the site where you can get some air time on Sky TV! Get £10 completely FREE as soon as you sign up and then a 200% up to £500 bonus thereafter.

Bonus Value: £520
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Party Poker Coupon Code

$500 Welcome Bonus + Entry into a $5,000 Tournament!

Party Poker is one of the most well known poker brands on the market. The play is very loose and plenty of fish. Get a $500 bonus + new players get entry into a $5,000 tournament just for signing up!

Bonus Value: $5,500
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