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888POker 888Poker TOP15 $3,920

Bet365 Poker bet365poker With Link $1,005

Titan Poker Titan Poker FREEBCASH £1,200

Sky Poker Sky Poker With Link £510

Party Poker Party Poker With Link $5,500

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A Players 'Chip Stack' or 'Stack'

A Players Stack derives its name from ‘chip stack’, a term for the sum of chips or tokens that a poker player has in the game. Whether a player has 10 chips or 10,000 chips, the term still applies to all the players chips.

In any game of poker, a player will try to accumulate as many chips as possible, thus ‘building his stack’. There is a certain psychological element that plays a part with players who have a huge stack (a lot of chips) in contrast to players who have a small stack (few chips).

In poker a big stack allows a player freedom to take calculated risks that they might not otherwise take as they will have sufficient chips left should they lose. A player who does not have many chips is restricted and will generally look for premium starting hands or use the all-in move to build an otherwise dwindling stack. For this reason it is important to keep building your stack. As you get stronger and stronger (more chips) you will be able to exert much more pressure on the table.

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