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Online Poker Rooms - Guide looking at how online poker rooms make money and whether the charges are justified.

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How Online Poker Rooms Make Money

This guide will look at how online poker rooms make money. What makes poker a little different to other online service providers is that the poker rooms don't have an interest on whether you win or lose. In fact it would be highly questionable if they did. Their key aim is to get you through the doors and playing poker, and whether you win or lose is of no consequence.

Poker rooms have small charges that they charge to host the games. If you are playing ring (cash) games, the house take a small amount out of every pot, known as the rake. The amount of rake taken differs from room to room, however it is generally between 3-4%. To bring this to life, let's assume a pot is $10, the house would take between 30-40 cents, assuming it was 3-4% taken. This is not a massive amount but as the number of players at a room increases, so does the amount of money made, and considerably when you consider the number of hands played each day.

If you are playing a poker tournament, there is also a fee that is made, usually 10% of the buy in. To give you an example, if you buy in to a tournament for $10, the total buy-in would be $10 + $1. Similarly if you buy in for $100, the total buy-in would be $110 – displayed on the site as $100+$10. This applies for guaranteed tournaments and Sit’N’Go’s where the same logic applies, in terms of entry fees. Of course, the concept of tournament play is that you have the opportunity to earn a significant amount of money for a relatively small buy in, so players generally see the fee taken by the room as fairly insignificant by comparison.

Bonus Codes Bonus Codes Are the Charges and Fees Fair? Bonus Codes

The charges are fairly standard and don’t differ too much from room to room. The rake charges per room does vary a touch but generally you won’t see anything over 5%. In terms of charges for tournaments, the norm is pretty much set at 10% and you won’t see anything that varies from this too much. That said, there are exceptions to the rule, for instance the PokerStars Million hosted every Sunday is $200+$15. It certainly won’t be over 10%, if in fact there is any variation from 10%.

Bonus Codes Bonus Codes Does it really Matter? Bonus Codes

Yes, it absolutely does. To put it into context, let’s assume that you play 10 games of Heads Up Hold’em with a buy-in of $50+$5 each. You have to factor in that breaking even in terms of the number of games played, puts you on a loss. If you won five and lost five, you would be running at a $50 loss. This is important when taking into consideration how many games you need to play and win to make a profit.

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