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Advantages of a Large Stack in Poker

Stack size is an important topic when playing poker as the number of chips you have should impact the strategy which you follow. In addition, the size of ones stack also has an impact on the implied odds that one faces when being put to a decision. In every No Limit or Pot Limit game you need to factor in your own stack size and the size of the stacks around you.

Let's look at an example. You are playing at a 6 seater table. You have Q ranking J ranking and the flop comes 10ranking 9ranking 3ranking, a pretty good flop for you. You have to decide what to do and this is where stack sizes come into play. Let's assume that you have 17,000 in chips, there is 6,500 in the pot and your opponent has 5,000 left. This scenario would be an easy decision and you should take down the pot. Although it would be a semi-bluff you would have the outs to justify the move. You could hit any Spade, and Eight any King and very possibly any Queen or Jack that wasn't a spade. All in all about 21 cards that could win you the hand. If you push all in and you lose, worst case scenario is that you would lose another 5,000 of your chips leaving you with 12,000. If he calls and you make your hand, you would have 28,500 in chips so the risk is worth taking.

Now let's assume that you have Q ranking J ranking and the flop comes 10ranking 9Poker Rankings 3ranking, heads up. This time you have 20,000 in chips, there is 5,000 in the pot and your opponent is the chip leader with 150,000 in chips. What would your play be? You would be a little more apprehensive about pushing in as you would be risking all your 20,000 for 5,000 in chips. Not only that, the chip leader could easily call you and still be way ahead of the field. The pot ratio here is not quite as attractive and as such the play would be more likely to be a small raise to see if you could catch one of your cards on the turn. If your opponent only had another 4,000 in chips you would not give it a second thought in pushing in or check raising him.

This is the power that stack sizes play in shaping our decisions at the table.

Bonus Codes Bonus Codes One Bad Decision - The Snowball Effect Bonus Codes

The snowball effect, as i like to call it happens when we don't pay attention to stack sizes and one bad decision leads us to make the right decision later in the hand, but to the detriment of your stack. Let's look at another example and for ease of reference, let's assume you are heads up in a tournament. Pre flop you hold 6 ranking 6 Poker Hand Rankings : Flush. You have 25,000 in chips and just check hoping to see a cheap flop. Your opponent has $10,000 in chips and there is $1,500 in the pot. Your opponent then raises to $3,000 and you subsequently re-raise to $7,000 and he moves all in. What do you do? Well the answer is that you should have folded when he raised or at worst, called the extra $3,000 to see if you hit your trips on the flop. Now the pot is at $18,500 and to call you need to commit another $4,500 . The pot ratio here is a no brainer, you have to call as you are putting another $4,500 into a total pot of $23,000. The trouble is that although the secondary play is the right one to make, your initial bad play could now cost you half your stack which has wider implications to how you play.

S the importance of your stack size is huge whether playing in ring games or tournaments. It is important that when analyzing a hand that you consider how big the stack of your opponent is in relation to the pot size and to your own stack.

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