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Poker Rules - Rules of Texas Hold'em

Welcome to our online poker rules where we have the rules of all the popular card games. I am often surprised when I play poker as I regularly come across players who are out playing for relatively large stakes and who do not have a clear understanding of the rules of the game - or at least this is certainly how it comes across.

If really is important, especially in live poker games that you are able to interact with the table and it is equally important that you are aware of the rules of the game you are playing. At any table you want to give off a positive table image and equally important, you want people to think you are a dangerous player. By doing so you will be able to make sufficient plays to pick up easy money and build your stack.

With all this in mind, here are the rules of Texas Hold’em. For reference we have a selection of additional poker rules courtesy of

Bonus Codes Bonus Codes Dealer Button & Blinds Bonus Codes


Like any other game, a dealer button is used to indicate the order of play. The two players left of the dealer button will post what is called the big blind and small blind. These are automatic bets that are made to ensure that there is money in each pot (which adds to an incentive for players to get involved). After each hand the dealer button moves round the table clockwise so every player will get an equal share of posting the big blind and then the small blind on the next hand.

The position the dealer button starts from is decided from an initial deal of one card to each player, dealt face up. The person with the highest card dictates where the dealer button start point is.

Bonus Codes Bonus CodesTexas Hold'em Rules Bonus Codes


Hold’em is the most popular of all poker games. Hold’em is a community card game for the reason that the game makes use of cards that are shared between all the players. The objective of a player playing Texas Hold’em is to make the best 5 card hand using the cards in their hand and the ‘community cards’ that are available to all players. The dealer button will indicate the order of play.

Bonus Codes Bonus CodesInitial Deal - Dealing the flop Bonus Codes


All players are dealt two ‘hole cards'. These are cards that only the player gets to see and are dealt face down. At this stage the biggest individual contribution of chips in the pot is the big blind so everyone must decide whether they want to play the hand. A player must decide as to the strength of the two cards as well as their position at the table to decide whether they want to play. If the player decides they want to play they must match the value of the big blind (or the value of any raise before they act). Should a player decide they do not want to play they would ‘fold’ their cards and would play no further part of the hand.

Note: Should the player in the big blind or small blind be faced with a raise by another player, should they wish not to match the raise, they would lose the chips put in to post the blind amounts (the blinds become part of the pot value).

Once this round of betting is complete and players who are staying in the hand have all bet equal amounts, three cards are dealt face up in the center of the table, known as ‘the flop’. These three cards are known as community cards as they are used in combination with any of the hole cards (the 2 cards in the players hand) to make the best 5 card poker hand.

Once 'the Flop' is dealt players will know whether they have hit their hand or are closer to making a winning hand. At this stage players will be subject to a second round of betting and again players must decide whether to stay in the hand or get out. Until a bet is made by a player, players have the option to ‘check’ their hand. This signifies that the player does not wish to post a bet at this time and in reality passes the action to the next player in the hand to the players left.

A player can also choose to ‘fold’ their hand (get out of the hand) or raise (raise the amount that other players must at least match to stay in the hand).

Once the round of betting is complete…

Bonus Codes Bonus CodesSecondary Deal - The Flop Bonus Codes


The second deal after the flop (and round of betting) is the 'Turn Card' which is the fourth community card to be dealt. Again, as the name suggests, this is a shared card which any player can use in combination with their hole cards.

This deal is followed by a further round of betting. After the turn players will have a much better idea of the potential of their hand. A player may well have made their hand at this point or they may be looking for a number of cards in the last remaining card to be dealt. At this stage players would make a decision on how to bet and how much of a bet to call based on the likelihood that they could make a winning poker hand.

Players use what are called ‘outs’ to help them make this decision. Each card that could make them a winning hand is considered an ‘out’ so the more ‘outs’ that a player has, the more likely they will call a big bet to stay in the hand in hope of making their winning combination.

Bonus Codes Bonus CodesTertiary Deal - The River Bonus Codes


The 'River Card' is the fifth and last community card to be dealt. At this stage a player will wither have made a hand or missed. With another round of betting to come, players often represent that they have made a winning hand. Remember if every other player folds, no-one will see that you didn’t make your hand. The idea is to have an idea as to the strength of your opponent so that you don’t lose a big proportion of your stack trying to ‘steal the pot' (place a big bet to get other players to fold where you have the worst hand).

Bonus Codes Bonus CodesShowdown Bonus Codes


A showdown is only necessary where there is more than one player still in the hand. If only one player is left in the hand (everyone else has folded), the player will win the entire pot and a new hand will begin. Should multiple players still be left in the pot, players would turn over their cards and the player with the best 5 card poker hand would win the pot. The dealer button would move clockwise by 1 position and the next hand would be dealt.

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