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Top 5 Bonus Offers

Rank Poker Room Bonus Code Value

888POker 888Poker TOP15 $3,920

Bet365 Poker bet365poker With Link $1,005

Titan Poker Titan Poker FREEBCASH £1,200

Sky Poker Sky Poker With Link £510

Party Poker Party Poker With Link $5,500

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Play Winning Poker

I am fortunate to be able to share my experiences and some winning poker guides with you in hope that you can improve your game to play winning poker. No doubt you will have some experience or at the least have seen poker either on TV or at a live event. Have you ever found it curious why some professionals are regularly on the final table of big events? This fuels the question as to how much skill is involved when playing online?

The cards are random and whilst some players will get dealt better cards than others over any given period of time, by and large, all is equal. To think that some players are just tremendously lucky and get dealt winning cards all the time couldn’t be further from the truth.The term ‘swings and roundabouts’ couldn't be more appropriate here.

Poker is a great game and one of its big appeals is that it is a game of skill. You will be dealt 2 cards in every hand dealt. Do you think it matters that you got dealt 2-3 off-suit? Suppose you pretend it is a pair of Aces? Will your opponents know? Well they will really only gauge the strength of your hand from either your betting or from any tells they can pick up during the hand.

I think you see where I am going. The beauty of the game is that it is what your opponents think you have that really matters. If they think you have a monster hand, who will know you have a terrible hand. This is what makes the game so appealing to millions across the world. In playing winning poker you must learn what hands to get involved with, learn how to read players and learn when to be aggressive, bluff and when to fold.

Selective play is the key and over time you will learn (through losing your stack) that there are many key factors that you need to take in to account, like the number of players in play, their chip counts, your chip counts, the blinds and anything else you have managed to pick up in the way of information about how your opponents play.

I find that there are two types of player who play, particularly online. The first are the people who are just catching part of the wave and getting involved as everyone else is and the second type is the player who is committed to posting a profit. I play regularly on PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker and I see time and time again players playing with no regard for their hard earned money. Needless to say, it always puts a smile on my face as a fool and their money are easily parted, particularly on a poker table.

Take the time to learn how to play. If you are just starting out, stick to the premium starting hands and don’t take more than you can afford to lose to the table. As a general rule, you should not take more than 10% of your total playable balance to the table. If you are buying into a poker tournament the same principle applies. If you have $500, you should only buy into a $50 tournament. By doing this are protecting your money and keeping yourself in the game. If you take your entire bankroll to the table and lose (which can happen to best player), you are out. In playing poker to make money, you need to have money management skills.

Next Guide - See Importance of Bankroll Management in Poker.

Titan Poker Coupon Code

Titan Poker is one of our top choice rooms and is on the IPoker Network. New player package worth $20,000 + get £20 FREE - No deposit required! Players must sign up sing bonus code "FREEBCASH" to claim this limited time offer.

Bonus Value: $20,020!

Titan Poker Bonus Code FREEBCASH Join Titan Poker Now! Download

888Poker Coupon Code

Play 888Poker

888Poker is on the up and we have a fantastic bonus package for you. Get a $400 match deposit bonus, £20 Instantly (no deposit needed) and get access to 7 x $500 in tournaments entries!

Bonus Value: $450
888Poker Bonus Code Automatic with Links Join 888Poker Now! Download

bet365poker Coupon Code

Get a free $5 when you play at bet365 poker

bet365 poker is one of the leading iPoker network rooms. Get a $1,000 welcome bonus and new players can claim $5 FREE. This bonus does not required a deposit to claim!

Bonus Value: $1,005
bet365 Poker Bonus Code Automatic with links Join bet365Poker Now! Download

Sky Poker Coupon Code

£10 Completely FREE - No Deposit Required

Sky Poker is one of the best places to play if you want to play televised poker! There are televised tournaments on the site where you can get some air time on Sky TV! Get £10 completely FREE as soon as you sign up and then a 200% up to £500 bonus thereafter.

Bonus Value: £520
Sky Poker Bonus Code Automatic with links Join Sky Poker Now! Download

Party Poker Coupon Code

$500 Welcome Bonus + Entry into a $5,000 Tournament!

Party Poker is one of the most well known poker brands on the market. The play is very loose and plenty of fish. Get a $500 bonus + new players get entry into a $5,000 tournament just for signing up!

Bonus Value: $5,500
Party Poker Bonus Code Automatic with links Join Party Poker Now! Download
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Poker is one of the top favorite sports and games on TV. According to TV ratings, it comes third after football and car racing in that order.

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